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Tips for Selecting a Proper Horse Transport Company

Horse transport can become an owners’ nightmare if not properly chosen and executed. If what’s required is interstate horse transport or long distance movement, this can be even more difficult. When you’re the owner, it’s recommended that you find a reliable horse transport company, and here are some helpful guidelines:


It makes sense to choose company that has a good reputation in the sector. And, you should confine your search within companies that have been in the business long enough. Experience can tell a lot of things, including that the horse transport company will be safe for your animal. Also, any business with extensive experience must readily invoke both positive and negative feedback from its customers, making it easier for an horse owner to choose.

Interview the Provider

All the time, obtain answers from a prospective equine transport service before picking them, if you think these are essential to the services they’re providing. During your early phone engagement with the company, for example, you may inquire about the methods employed for long-distance horse transport to minimize disruption to the animal while protecting it from hunger. If an equine transport business is well-experience, it’ll have no problems picking the most clear-cut and quickest route to the specified delivery point.

Type of Vehicles Used

Before picking a transporter, it helps to determine the type of vehicle they intend to use to move your animal. You want the vehicle to be easy for your horse to enter and exit. In case a rear-load truck is going to be used, what’s its size? Don’t miss issues such as flooring, ramps, and overhead space. For your horse to enjoy its temporary stay during transportation, it the flooring ought to be cushioned sufficient absorbent shavings. It’s also critical to ensure that the truck transporting your animal has an appreciably higher roof.

Scope of Coverage

In case of interstate horse transport, coverage should be addressed. When moving your horse from one state to another, it’s sensible to select a transportation company that has done it before. This service would be best placed to provide your horse with the best in-transit care. In this regard, excellent care would include in-time feeding and routine breaks while in transit.

How About Insurance and Licensing?

Ask if your transport company is licensed for interstate shipping in case that’s what needed for your horse. In the event of liability, insurance will protect you. As such, request the transporter to send you copies of their license and evidence of liability insurance coverage.

Select a horse transport service that prioritizes animal safety all the time. You can gauge the a transport company’s credentials for the job based on thorough research and interviews.
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