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Beating Addiction in Indiana

Whether you are in Indiana or anywhere else, addiction can ruin your life. Without help addiction will likely take your family, friends, home, and so much more. For a lot of people, getting help and finding an individualized treatment program helped them beat their addiction and get their life back. Anyone in Indiana struggling with an addiction and looking for a way to get their life back should start with the Hickory House.

As you have likely heard, heroin and opioid addiction is becoming very common throughout the country. Heroin and opioids are a very difficult addiction to overcome. This is also why you are seeing more and more deaths caused by opioid overdoses or tainted drugs. Using heroin or opioids such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, or fentanyl, can likely end in death. To overcome an opioid addiction a person often needs an inpatient facility with a personalized treatment program. An individually tailored treatment program can go a long way toward beating an opioid addiction.

Alcohol addiction is something the Hickory House can also help with. Most of the time people know when they have an alcohol problem, whether they admit it or not, but signs often include avoidance of family and friends, frequent blackouts, and anxiety when alcohol is not around. Alcoholism is not something that will go away on it’s own, which is why people often need help through inpatient or outpatient services. No matter which treatment program is best for you, alcohol addiction is a problem that should be addressed or else it will only get worse.
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Once you make the right step toward getting help, there are numerous treatment options through the Hickory House. For many people residential programs are a great option because they reduce temptation and allow people to focus on themselves instead of life’s other responsibilities. For people who want to stay in their own home and still work, outpatient treatment may be a good option. On top of inpatient and outpatient services, patients can also benefit from treatment modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, yoga, dialectical behavior therapy, or whatever is determined to meet your personal needs. Whichever treatment program you go with will likely depend on your own personal needs and individualized treatment.
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Not addressing your problem will only make things worse and more difficult to recover from. No matter the addiction you are dealing with, getting help is the only way to get your life back. With the help of a recovery center and a personalized treatment program, beating an addiction is within your grasp. If you are hesitant to seek out treatment, consider life without an addiction compared to living under the control of alcohol or opioids and getting treatment becomes a pretty clear answer.