Does it Make Sense to Arrange a Private Jet Charter for a Vacation?

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There are those who believe private jets are only for the rich or for people who travel for business purposes. In fact, it’s possible to arrange a private jet charter as part of a family vacation. Here are some of the reasons why opting for a charter flight rather than going with a commercial one makes a lot of sense.

No Need to Deal with Airline Schedules

One of the primary benefits of a private charter is being able to leave and return whenever the family decides. There is no need to get up before daybreak in order to get to the airport, check in, wait at a gate for what seems like hours, and finally board a crowded plane. Instead, it’s possible to set a departure time with the charter service that’s convenient and allows the entire family to gather at the airport without all the hassle.

Plenty of Room

Commercial flights are structured to get as many people on a single flight as possible. That can make things cramped for people who are a little taller or who are going through life with a few extra pounds. By contrast, charter flights provide plenty of room for everyone. Depending on the layout of the jet, a family of a dozen or more people will have room to relax in comfortable seats, move around the cabin and socialize, and even have room to watch a video or play a game of cards if they like. There is no doubt that the trip will be much more comfortable and the time will pass more pleasantly.

The Right Food

Airline food is not exactly at the top of anyone’s list. Being able to arrange for the galley to be stocked prior to the flight or even bring along goodies to enjoy is no problem with a charter flight. The result is that family members with special dietary needs or preferences can snack on whatever they like.

While making plans for a family vacation this year, check into the idea of arranging a charter flight. Once all the pros and cons are weighed, there is a good chance this travel option will come out on top.