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Guidelines on Buying a New or a Used Car
This question has been asked for so long whether it is important that you buy a new car or a used car, especially with the mass production of the new cars. There are guidelines that can help you to answer this question. This is a question of affordability because it will all depend on the financial capability. Your financial position will guide you on whether to buy a new or a used car. Follow the tips below, so that you can be able to navigate and know whether you should buy a new or a used car. Check and do a comparison of the prices between the new and the used car. Check the general condition of the used car before you buy it because despite the fact that the price might be low you might, in the end, spend much more on major repairs and maintenance. If you are buying the Car in installment the interest might be higher than the new one. Check the mode of payment between the new and the old car then compare the interest rates that they are charging and after the comparison make a decision. Buying a new car gives you a guarantee that it is a quality car, and so it is safe. The car is in perfect shape as no one has used it before and so you are assured that it will be safe to use on the road. The car is new, and so it has no accident records. Most of the old car dealers will keep a record of the cars for example if it has been involved in any accident before and also the kilometers that it has covered. You will also get to know if the previous owner of the old car has misused the car or he has been careful with it.

It will be easy and less costly to maintain a new car. The new car has the potential to run for several years with no complicated problems whatsoever. The a used car might need regular repairs and maintenance.

Buying your car from a well -established dealer is also recommended. If you buy your car from a good dealer it will give you a guarantee that even the documentation of your car will be done right.