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Benefits of Proofreading We should not underestimate the importance of proofreading any important paper or document. Any paper you have written, whether a manuscript for publishing or an academic paper, should always pass through the hands of a proofreader, preferably not yourself. It is not easy to proofread, you need to have the skill and the art to do it. If you are doing to do this job well, you should understand the intricacies of language. A keen eye for details is something that a good proofreader must have. Since these skills are necessary for a proofreader to do a good job, then it just shows that not everybody can be a proofreader. But even with those who claim to be proofreaders, the degree of accuracy and attention to detail vary in degrees. Proofreading is a very essential part of the writing process. A job of a proofreader is to look for writing errors. These errors include spelling mistakes, grammar errors, font changes, and inconsistent alignment of the text, spacing or paragraph settings. A paper should be generally consistent and it is the job of the proofreader to determine this. Spelling of characters’ names in a story should be consistent or the plot setting should be continuous. Some of the error proofreaders find is when you start telling about what happened in the night while in the same paragraph it would seem that it is daytime. These are difficult errors to spot by yourself especially if you have been working closely with the manuscript. Although a copy editor would provide a more thorough review of your work, a proofreader would be a good starting point to highlight any areas of concern.
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The finer points of grammar and style are easily forgotten when writing thesis or dissertations. This is because most writers of academic papers get bogged down in arguments or the science within the essay or dissertation. Spelling errors, grammar errors, referencing errors and errors in adherence to style guidelines can easily be picked up by a good proofreader. If somebody else does the proof reading instead of you, then it will be more productive. It would be more productive and time efficient if you simply hire a proofreader to check your written work.
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You can be setting up yourself for failure if, after writing your academic paper or whatever it is that you are writing, you don’t proofread it or you don’t let somebody else proofread it for you. it is a pointless risk to take after taking long hours in writing your manuscript or your academic paper only to fail because of bad spelling or grammar errors. It is a simple thing to do to get a proof reader to ensure that you work is perfect.