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The Importance of Using Rank Trackers for Your Website Not everything done by webmasters and internet marketers simply involves having a website, doing on-page and off-page optimization, and analyzing visitors. How your website is ranking in the major search engines is also a very important thing to know. Every keyword that you are interested in is involved in this. Understanding the traffic volume, fluctuations in income, or any parameter that might be related to search engine ranking dependent on knowing the search engine results page (SERP) position. Few keywords can actually be tracked manually, in general. To check the position of your target page, you can simply enter the phrase in the browser. But there are many important steps lacking in the manual approach. It is not enough simply to check ranking. It is also important that you record positions and other relevant data. The importance of having the history of your positions is to help you determine what changes to the website have contributed to some significant changes in ranking. Fluctuations in positions happen all the time. Changes in search engine algorithms are done all the time. Each day there are new websites c coming and so we see that there are many factors that contribute to the position of your website in search results. If you want to track your ranking, one of the best ways of doing it is to use some software. There are many such tools around. There are trackers that track not only rank positions but also the number of backlinks and page rank. if you want to collect relevant data and store it in the data base, you only need to periodically trigger updates. You can get the latest data at any time and you can also display graphs that show progress over time.
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How can you use this tracking data? This can track the progress of each targeted keyword. For those doing SEO, they will be able to monitor the effects of each change in page content or external links. Although the immediate effect cannot be seen, sooner or later the difference can be spotted. A signal of some wrong action on the website will results in a significant drop in rankings. Do not mix initial ranking fluctuations common to new websites with ranking changes of older and more establish pages.
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In this trade, rank trackers are an important tool. Using rank trackers on a daily basis is important if you are in the business of internet marketing. Remember that it is not only SEO that affects the position in search engine results but also the quality and usefulness of the content found in it. Putting quality backlinks is one of the best ways to significantly contribute to higher rankings in search engine results pages. The best possible way to get higher rankings is to make sure to provide good content.