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Best Roofing Services for Your Home A roof is not merely a roof. Roofing is a diverse industry, with so many options and budgets to consider. In order to understand what residential roofing is all about, we have to look at its difference to commercial roofing. There are differences in their designs. A commercial roof tends to have a low slope, or is entirely flat and much larger than a typical residential roof. Those types of commercial roofs are maintenance and repair intensive. The typical design of a commercial roof has a few factors to consider such as the weight of equipment that is housed on the roof and the need to cover a larger area. It is comparatively cheaper and less troublesome when doing residential roofing. There is less burden when it comes to residential roofing. There are two choices involved for residential roofs. Tiles and shingles are the main ones. There pricing is one of their outstanding features. Tiles are the more expensive option, around twice the price of shingles. Bear in mind, tiles tend to outlast shingles, at a rate of two to one, thereby justifying such a price range. One consideration is that high winds and bad weather can knock off your shingles much more easily than with tiles. Tile roofs are not affected much by such conditions.
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Considering their style and choice of material, shingles are good only in better weather situations. The sturdiness of tiles makes them suitable for rough settings, especially cold climates. Tiles are more long lasting in typical settings. This feature of tiles could lead to a higher resale price of your house.
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The overall strength and ability of your house to withstand pressure is a determining factor when choosing the roofing material to be used. For tiles, the base of support needs to be stronger, as compared to that of a shingle tiles one. A discussion with your roofing technician will reveal your roof’s actual weight capacity, thereafter looking at your allocated budget and the prevalent weather conditions, you shall arrive at a more informed decision. The value of your home remains higher at the point of selling it, if you installed a tile roofing. Since they can withstand harsher climates while retaining their original shine with minimal wear and tear, you can be guaranteed they shall be more presentable with time. Solar reflective shingles are the new product in the market, made possible through research and technology. As the major part of the upper side of a building, they directly assist in reducing how much energy shall be consumed and how well the building shall coexist with its environment. They deflect off relatively much more infrared rays than the typical roofing surfaces. This is possible since they are primarily constructed to minimize the absorption of too much sun energy into your dwelling by reflecting it off. As the house remains much cooler, the use of air conditioning remains minimal, if at all.